our ministries

A closer look at a few of our in-house ministries.

Evangelistic Outreach

Evangelistic outreach is our continuing to do the work of Jesus in the earth. It’s being God’s hands to hold and heal people, our mouth to pray, speak God’s truth and demonstrate his love to them. Our feet go forward and spread the good news. It’s clothing the homeless, feeding the hungry and giving hope to the hopeless. Our hearts are in expectation to see the move of God. We desire to serve one another. So, we dare you to come out and allow God to use you for someone else!

The outreach gathers together to go out once a month. For information on the next scheduled outing, subscribe to our newsletter!

“What I love most about outreach is that I know nothing. When I go to pray for someone, I don’t know how to pray for them, but God does. Leaning solely on God is the most exciting thing to me. It will be scary at times when you may not know what to do, but God trains you on the spot. Also, someone receiving salvation still brings tears to me eyes.”

Pastor Linda Martin

Little Warriors

Little Warriors is a children’s class aimed at kids from ages 5-12, designed to teach, train and equip them to be prayer warriors in the Kingdom of God. They are given praying activities and taught to utilize the principles in scripture from the Bible to help guide and strengthen them in prayer.

The class is held once a month at Pastor Regina’s home. If you are interested in having your little one join in the fun, subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when the next class date is set!

“I love watching the faith children have in God. They don’t doubt him whatsoever. They simply believe the Lord.” – Pastor Regina Coleman

“My favorite thing about this class is seeing the children understand and enjoy learning how to pray.” -Minister Chinwe Toe

Minister Chinwe Toe & Pastor Regina Coleman

Virtuous & Free

Virtuous & Free is a class for women aged 18+ that deals with everyday women issues (like self-worth, relationships, etc.) but all topics are addressed from a biblical perspective. The overall aim of the group is to help strengthen women in their walk with Christ and allow his character to develop in their lives more and more each day.

The class is held once a month. To be notified on upcoming sessions, text VIRTUE to 1-833-255-1498 to be added to the list!

“I absolutely love having the opportunity to pour into these women and the intimate, group bonding sessions we have in this class. We’re developing a sisterhood of sorts where we can all encourage and love on each other, and we always leave feeling refreshed and strengthened in the Lord.” – Minister Brittney Phillips

Minister Brittney Phillips